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8D06201 Radioengineering, electronics and telecommunications

Faculty Faculty of Engineering and Digital Technology (FEDT)
Department Energetic and radioelectronics (ER)
Education area code and classification 8D06 Information and communication technologies
Code and classification of areas of training 8D062 Telecommunications
Group of educational programs D096 Information and communication technologies
Name 8D06201 Radioengineering, electronics and telecommunications
Аккредитация Сертификат
Types of educational programs Main
Purpose of the educational program Formation of a research scientist with in-depth scientific and pedagogical, fundamental educational, methodological and research training in the field of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications.
Level of education Doctoral studies (Scientific-pedagogical)
Degree awarded doctor of philosophy (PhD)
Область профессиональной деятельности (секция по ОКЭД) Manufacturing industry (Секция C)
Information and communication (Секция J)
Professional, scientific and technical activities (Секция M)
Education (Секция P)
Перечень профессий Engineer-designer
Electronics engineer
Teacher. Manager in education
Teacher. University lecturer
Types of professional activity Educational
Design and technology
Calculation and design
Objects of professional activity Enterprises and organizations of all sectors, including the military-industrial industry, transport and communications, agriculture and utilities, education and consumption, research and design organizations, firms of various forms of ownership.
Program features academic exchange program
Form of training full-time without the use of DЕT
Срок обучения The term of study is determined by the period of development of 180 academic credits for the entire period of study and 60 academic credits for the academic year. Accordingly, the training period is 3 years. For certain categories of doctoral students, depending on the form and technology of training, it is allowed for a doctoral student to master a smaller or larger number of academic credits during the academic year, while the duration of training increases or decreases.
Language of instruction Russian
Amount of credits/hours 180/5400
Предшествующий уровень образования postgraduate education (master's degree)
Program manager Кашевкин Александр Александрович
The educational program is developed on the basis of Professional standards/ Sectoral qualifications frameworks The industry qualifications framework in the field of information and communication technologies, approved by protocol No. 1 dated December 20, 2016 of a meeting of the industry commission and in the field of information, informatization, communications and telecommunications (IQF)
The sectoral qualifications framework for education, approved by protocol No. 2 of November 23, 2016 at a meeting of the industry tripartite commission on social partnership and the regulation of social and labor relations under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (IQF)
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